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Once upon a time, my website was called SAN Gear. That was shut down by me after the end of iGoogle. This new site DACT is a Partial Restoration of the old and a place for new things for educational purpose.


Learn How to build iGoogle Widgets or mini Apps. Here are example gadgets i built to learn iGoogle Gadget making.

If you are the kinda chap or chip that likes stories, here is one, nearly true. When i started learning web-design i made a tutorial called Webbunny HTML Tutor. In this i built small web-gadgets like a Browser-in-Browser made of JS. A Midi JukeBox etc. This was in Y2K when a great deluge washed away many Freebies from the World Wide Web, the real cause being that listening to mp3 music became popular.

Then came Blogging, i made a Few Gadgets after i saw some DHTML animations inspired from DynamicDrive and a site called Excite. One was an Animated Gif spider going up and down the page on a thread, it was a hit at my blog. Then i made a Floating Midiplayer on a Freeamp skin from my webbunny tutor, which became a super-duper sensation.

When iGoogle came, i converted these examples in gadget form just for fun. These are the first few. I used have frequent hosting problems due to the load on some of the gadgets. My regular work got disrupted, then came Google Code Hosting to the rescue. Now these gadgets, the first i made, are the last to be put in google code. This set is not popular now, so it is an archive for students to study.

Screenshot Collage

Tiny Toys - DACT

Running Lights

Colorful LED Running lights grab attention, these are used by youngsters in their Tricycles and the Seniors use it in the Automobiles. It is used in Marketing to make an impressive presentation. Monarchs and Dictators use it to line the Walls of their Palace or Estate.  Turn the switch with red light on, adjust speed of LED running with the arrows below.

Live Widget that you can Operate

This is the Running Lights Widget code for your Site or Blog

<iframe allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="202" scrolling="no" src="https://dact-cyber.github.io/animation-box/runled/running.html" width="202"></iframe>

Toss a Coin

A Coin Flipping Toy, Wait a few seconds, Random toss Spins it, Then Heads, Tails or even very rarely, lands on its Side, In between. That means balanced on its Side-edge.

When yellow light is on and Coin is spinning, click once and wait. The result will come with both lights flashing. Click now to clear result and start coin spinning. Now try the next Toss.

Live Widget that you can Operate

This is the Coin Toss Widget code for your Site or Blog

<iframe allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="200" scrolling="no" src="https://dact-cyber.github.io/animation-box/coin-toss/toss-coin.html" width="200"></iframe>

Tractor Bank

Tractor Bank Toy helps kids practice the Saving Habit early. Click wallet, drag-drop coin into tractor piggy bank. A sound and confirmation of balance in your account. Break the piggy bank by clicking the hammer to get your coins. Pockets are full, now you can buy your new toys or gadgets in your DayDream. Needs Adobe Flash Player.

Live Widget that you can Operate

This is the Tractor Widget code for your Site or Blog

<iframe allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="400" scrolling="no" src="https://dact-cyber.github.io/animation-box/tractor/toy-tractor.html" width="200"></iframe>
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