Music Machine

Play Sounds and View Gif Animations Sequentially. Play Musical Sounds, Replay sequence. beats and Effects. Nice for puppet shows or Toy Theatre. You will need to get flash player if the music does not play. Needs Adobe Flash Player.

music-machine - code

This looks like a Smartphone with lot of apps. This is not anything like that. This was created before smartphones or ipod in the early iGoogle days. A toy for kids.


Music Machine

When Music Machine has loaded, then you will hear a small sequence, that means the gadget is loaded. Or Else reload or visit gadget page again. The first key strokes will be slow as the music gets downloaded. Then it will be smooth. Play all the keys once, then use, This will make replay and further use will be fast. This is important if you have a slow internet connection.

Music Machine Live

Click each button to hear a Sound and watch a Gif Animation in the Tiny Reel above. This is the programming of the Sequence of sound and images. Now Adjust volume and Speed Sliders. Press Play to start the Mini Movie you just programmed. The computer will come alive with Images and Sounds till the Show is over. You can even Sing along.

Live Widget that you can Operate

Needs Adobe Flash Player.

This is the Music Machine code for your Site or Blog

This Widget needs the Flash Plugin in your Browser for the Sounds.


Many years back around 2005, when this gadget was first published. It became quite popular. Then a amazing thing happened. One user "farmer jack" gave it many stars. Soon it took off.

Sadly this takes a lot of server bandwidth, yet it performed well on a geocities paid hosting. First gigabytes, then terabytes .... then consumption became "too big to be disclosed".

Finally one day i had to bring it down, this was because of a historic event that happened due to this gadget. The previous day for 3.4 micro seconds the entire world wide web stopped !!

So it had to go. Now i have put it back. Use it sparingly, but I have nothing to fear anymore ....

farmer jack moved over to facebook !
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