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A wide perspective is required for good for all, General Knowledge is very essential for developing a wide perspective. This gives an ability to recognize, appreciate and adapt to ideas and innovation when they happen.

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Definition:To remove from association; separate.
Synonyms:disjoint, disunite, divorce

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a kick at the can

An opportunity to do, try, or achieve something. Primarily heard in Canada.

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Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling

In Gloucestershire, England, cheese rolling is believed to have been a popular annual sport for at least 500 years. Cooper's Hill, which is located near Brockworth and is a thousand feet high, is famous for its fine pasture lands. Rolling the cheese down the hill traditionally reminded villagers of their right to graze sheep there. Early in the evening, the event leader, in a white smock and top hat, rolls the "cheese" discs (nowadays, three or four large wooden discs) down the hill. People chase after them, and the first to capture one of the discs receives a small prize. More...

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No man is offended by another man's admiration of the woman he loves; it is the woman only who can make it a torment.
Jane Austen

Word Trivia

Today's topic: trivia

factlet - A piece of trivia. More...
inconsequentia - Trifling facts or trivia. More...
nugae - Trifles or trivia. More...
trivia - Derives from Latin tri, "three" and via, "ways." In Roman times, at the intersection of any three streets were kiosks where information was posted for travelers, but which was totally ignored by the citizens—a possible source of its modern meaning; trivia is actually plural and should take "these" instead of "this" (etc.). More...

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