Some Feedback, Ideas and Suggestions from 2016 onward. These are related to Internet and Devices. My older ideas archive will be published here only after 2022.

Security of Web Devices - Web Three - May 12, 2017

Small Devices like Smartphones work best with Apps, Wikipedia and Medium apps prove that. Above 5 inch we graduate to tablets, from now onward we need browsers. Ignore the Smartphone for Serious Browsing for now.

Feedback and ideas from DACT

As Smartphones are used for Financial, Security and ID related operations. Browsers, Messengers, Social Media Apps and Games create risks and damages that are difficult to resolve and recover from.

If you are using your phone for Banking Apps and Secure Transactions, install only a few Safe Apps. Avoid clicking links and opening Attachments in SMS, Email, Instant Messengers and Social Apps.

Use a Tablet for Browser, Apps and Games. Do not use this Device for apps that can be sensitive to privacy, financial or id related functions.

Keep one Device for Work and an other one for Play; Then Business becomes a Pleasure; That is also the Jingle of my Magazine. Buy a Tablet Computer today… Like 8 inch IPS Screen, 16Gb and more Internal Storage. A Quad Core CPU and 2Gb or more RAM. USB and HDMI ports are useful too.

USB Alert Jun 8

After purchase of new USB drive, full format before use. Do not let any other person use his drive on your PC. Do not connect Smartphone to PC without Antivirus.

Updates and Bundled Apps - 15 Aug 2017 | Google

This is mainly related to android but similar problem exists in Windows 10, The Windows Phone is a Gentleman and is commendable.

The update competition among apps seem to be to grab attention rather than any real improvement. This is a bandwidth burden on the network and a wear-n-tear on the Phone Flash memory that has limited number of writes and reads. I turn off auto updates and check only once a month.

The bundled apps, many which we never use, but also get updated often; take up valuable storage space and impose a bandwidth cost on user. I know we cant keep the doughnut and chew it too. But we need to be green and have sustainable models.

Unlink G+ and Gmail - 14 Aug 2017 | Google

This is a suggestion to google, others also can understand some thing in this to improve their services. It would be a good idea to give a panel in the dashboard of google acconts to link/unlink google apps from each other.

Example you can check or uncheck the link between youtube and G+ or link youtube and blogger. This way we can unlink or link G+ and Gmail. Have unique names if needed, for youtube, gmail and G+ too.

Assume Gmail and G+ are unlinked or gmail is floating, unlinked to any services. Then the Privacy in Gmail becomes very high, unique name and set of contacts can be managed separately for each service.

Another Important thing, the Android phone contacts management is a mess due to the links to other services and apps. The contacts in each device can be unlinked and made to float. Backup and Restore of contacts in the Drive is a good idea.

Social and Chat Caution - 12 Aug 2017 | Internet

Keep the privacy settings high, connect with people you know or can be considered safe in relation to your profession, college or life. Kids and Teens should be extra careful, be connected only to people you know. Do not post private matters, locations, jobs or school data publicly. If you are experiencing troubles in business, school, college or personal life. Quit these Apps. They do more harm than good. Use fake names and fake locations.

Public personalities, commercial entities and firms can ignore above warning. This is a caution for some individuals, kids, students and skilled professionals.

Be careful what you post publicly or privately in your profile. Reputed Firms and Respectable Leaders should not get into any Social Euphoria and engage in some social network interaction that may turn out to be very costly.
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