Audio Music Player

A Javascript and CSS based Web Gadget that also uses Ajax like controls. A Dynamic or Active GUI for the First time in Interface History. Interaction Design, Product Design, UI/UX - 2002-2006

Live Music Player

This is the Player Widget code for your Site or Blog

<iframe allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="150" scrolling="no" src="" width="210"></iframe>

Audio Music player Gadget, demo, Made with html and javascript. Plays  mp3 with browser plugins. PSV playlist, PSV podcast.Three Skins, Stores 99 Tracks URL and Title,

Screenshot Collage of Operations

Screenshot Collage of Operations

Music Player widget for Web Pages

Studying the code will also help you learn about Cookies and Database using PSV. Pipe Seperated Values. This gadget can also Backup and Restore A PSV Text Database of a Playlist.

The source code can be seen here audio-music-player

See the Screens above using a Dynamic Active Interface that means the Interface Real Estate can be very Small like a Handheld or Tablet.

Screenshots showing Skins

Audio Music Player Skins

This experiment was done as i found that the Remote Controls and Mobile Phones in the Nineties and Early 2000 were difficult and stressful for me to use. This made me think of a Interface without menus but wizard like using a small but interactive interface area.

(2005 iGoogle days ) Interaction Design, Product Design, UI/UX
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