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DACT Media is a Resource and Service for Small Business. DACT also can help Small Firms to create a Website or Blog.

Made in India is related to the Indian subcontinent. Things as i see it today, like people, places, products and philosophy.

DACT Codes has some Web Widgets i had made long ago. They are User Interface examples for Learning.


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Fix an appointment first, Contact DACT online. i will give you a date and time, later we could meet at my Home Office.

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Web Design Service

A person with a Business or Service can connect with Customers and Public effectively with the help of a Website or Blog. Let people know what you make or sell. Communicate better.

I can help you create an Online Impression with a Website Blog and an assortment of Bells and Whistles. Contact me using the form on the right.

DACT is a SOHO - Small Office Home Office

DACT is a SOHO - Small Office Home Office

DACT History

History of DACT

DACT is as old as 1988, Online since 1999. Ideas and Methods of DACT has helped many companies and individuals since the 90s. (nuff said)
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