Monday, 1 January 2018

Supply and Demand Basics

A cheerful and simple to understand video that introduce you to some important Economic and Financial Metrics. - Creators are Cyril Izarn - Pat Grivet - Demoduck.

If everyone understand these basics properly, they can make more prudent and practical business plans. We need to be cautious when we are enterprising to avoid unsavory situations.

Home Sweet Home

We should also keep in mind the resources like water, electricity available. The disposal of waste and population density too should be studied. The damage to Environment should be avoided at all costs. Remember that the Green Tree Cover and the water bodies keep the surroundings healthy.

If we do not understand these parameters, we will make the city, town or village an unhealthy place to live in. This is due to Air and Water Pollution. Water shortage and Power problems also will increase.




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