Saturday, 18 March 2017

Click-n-Learn Animation Box

Play and Learn, Animation TV Toy, Ten Channels, Click image and learn. If it Stops working change channel or wait. Do not bang TV.

dact-cyber - animation-box - GitHub

The Blue Button is the channel change switch. Click each Image, it will lead to a useful website, This widget was made more than a decade ago, around 2005. Many Websites of that age may have gone, I am slowly correcting the links. This is an educational toy, Edutainment to be Exact.

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Click-n-Learn Animation Box

Play and Learn, Animation TV Toy,

Ten Channels, each packed with images leading to useful resources in the world wide web.

Live Widget which you can Operate

This is the Genius Box Widget code for your Site or Blog

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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Care of Gadgets and Electronic Equipment

Take Care of Video Monitor, TV. Also any gadget like your Phone, Printer or Audio System. If you use it gently, your appliance will last long.

Care of Gadgets and Electronic Equipment

Points to Ponder
  1. Keep Gadget Away from An Open, Airy or Bright Window.
  2. Bright Light of any kind, not to fall on Gadget, only Reflected or diffused.
  3. Keep Electrical-Magnetic Objects Like speakers, inverters far from Gadget.
  4. If Monitor Loses Color at few places, clear all objects around Monitor.
  5. No water, sunlight, moisture or strong air draft to hit back of Gadget.
  6. Store Equipment in a Cool Dry place, sealed from insects and pests.
  7. Prevent unpredictable events like a fragile Glass screen hits hard Object.
  8. Do not Take your Coffee near Monitor, Do not drop Pins in back of Monitor.
  9. Wipe gadgets and appliance with moist cloth after removing plug or battery.
  10. Do not drop the gadgets on hard floor. Avoid keeping it in lofty places.
  11. Dust, Grime, Wetness are things that degrade an equipment's life.
  12. Do not operate appliance or equipment crudely or roughly. 
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